Physical Therapy Exercise Programs

Home Exercise Program
Every effective rehabilitation program involves some type HEP (home exercise program). Here, the patient is given certain stretching or strengthening exercises to be done that is specific to their injury or problem. These HEP's can be progressed as tolerated by the patient at home.

Therapist Directed Exercise Program
The completion of therapeutic exercises is an integral part of the rehabilitation process. Exercises can include any of stretching, strengthening and/or endurance training. The programs developed in a rehabilitation setting are often specific to that patient's injury and involve exercising certain muscle groups. Once those areas have been effectively targeted, then other 'whole body' strengthening and conditioning exercises are often introduced.

Gait Training
This involves a physical therapist assisting a patient in walking. Proper training helps the patient gain independence and minimizes the risk of falling causing re-injury. Assistive devices such as canes, walkers or crutches are often used. Developing other skills such as static and dynamic balance in standing and walking are very important. Ensuring that the patient can effectively ambulate (walk) over obstacles such as ramps, curbs and on uneven terrain is also a goal.